POWER-19 contains both macro and micro nutrients inevitable for plant together with vitamins. It is a product recommended for balanced and healthy fertilization of plants. It is recommended to be used during growth period of plants.

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If you’re looking for a high-quality, balanced fertilizer to help your plants reach their full potential, look no further than POWER-19. This water-soluble concentrate contains both macro and micro nutrients, along with vitamins, to promote healthy plant growth and increase yields.

POWER-19 is easy to mix into soil and can be used throughout the growth cycle of plants. It is also a complete fertilizer, covering all the essential plant nutrients needed for optimal growth.


Directions for use

Dissolve 5 Gram/ Itr. of water and spray on the crop foliage at 2-4 sprays at 15 days interval. Apply 180-200 Itr spray solution per acre. For better use efficiency, spraying is recommended during cool hours of the day.

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