Eden Gardens Ollur

Eden Gardens was established more than a decade ago in Ollur, as a nursery of Anthurium plants. A women-led entrepreneurship, Eden Gardens also exports Anthurium flowers from like-minded individuals in and around Thrissur to the flower markets of Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. Helping individual Anthurium growers from Thrissur and the neighbouring districts of Palakkad & Ernakulam to get good remuneration for their produce, Eden Gardens is also home to a wide range of native and exotic Orchids, and Indoor Plants.

Located on the banks of main road, Ollur, Eden Gardens is one among the major florists and nurseries of the region. With a strong focus on increasing the sales and export of Anthuriums, Orchids and other flowering plants, Eden Gardens Ollur aims to consistently provide the best of flowering plants for other horticulture enthusiasts. The different species of Dendrobium & Phalaenopsis being nurtured at Edens, certainly makes a treat for the onlooker’s eyes.

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